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The longest one-syllable word in the English language is "screeched."
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Yellow Bird

Abominable Snow Monster

Batguy Knight

Bearded Pirate

Blue Monster

Boy Pirate

Brown Monkey

Cat Girl

Construction Guy

Doctor Girl

Explorer Boy

Explorer Girl


Green Monster

Hat Cat

Hollywood Hulk

Iron Guy

Mr. Mouse

Mr. Spuds

Mrs. Mouse

Patriot Man

Patriot Man II

Patrol Dog

Pink Pig


Purple Dinosaur

Ranger Red Guy

Red Monster

Robot Man

Robot Man Blue

Santa Claus

Snowman(currently unavailable)

Space Man

Spider Black

Spider Red

Spy Black

Spy White

Square Yellow Guy

Super Guy

Turtle Blue

Turtle Orange

Turtle Purple

Turtle Red


Wolf Guy

Yellow Bear

Thanks Curt for helping to make the event a success today..hope it wasn't too bad for you! There was a lot of...


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