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Q. How do I book a character?
A. Piece of cake! Please call us at 617.596.2743 and we will help you through the process and happily answer any questions.
Q. Do you hold selected dates and times?
A. No. A party is officially booked on our calendar when a payment has been made. If a payment link is emailed to you, we generally let the link stay valid for 24 hours. This does not mean we are holding your selected date and time. Payment to book should be completed immediately to avoid the loss of the selected party time. Late payments after work performed are subject to a $10/day interest fee until paid.
Q. How much time in advance should I book an event date?
A. Our weekends can be very busy. Please allow several weeks in advance before booking. Occasionally we can do last minute requests but ask to please call for availability.
Q. Are you insured?
A. For your protection and ours, Happy Kids Entertainment is fully insured. Proof of insurance can be provided if requested.
Q. What type of face paints do you use? Are they FDA approved for use on skin?
A. This is a very important question since face paints are cosmetics, it would be dangerous to use regular paint on skin, especially on a child's face. Also please remember that a label of "non-toxic" does not necessarily mean it is safe for use on your child's face as the chemicals and dyes can commonly cause breakouts and/or allergic reactions. The paints must be FDA approved for use on skin and water based paints are the best. It's a good idea to avoid grease based paints as they can often cause breakouts and skin irritations to a child's sensitive skin. Happy Kids Entertainment uses the best face paints on the market by three of the most established and trusted names in the industry, Kryolan, Snazaroo, and Mehron.
Q. Can you explain how it all works? Walk me through a Happy Kids Entertainment party.
A. The Performer makes a spectacular entrance with music and quickly identifies the birthday child. The birthday child is greeted with birthday wishes and given a birthday gift. This make the child feel extra special right away. As the excitement starts to build, the other children are greeted with high-five hand gestures.

The Performer then gathers all of the children to start the performance. Next, the Performer will start the first option. Let's say it's the interactive magic show. The Performer will sit the kids down in an area and perform a variety of tricks encouraging laughter and participation. The magic tricks are fun and allow the children to interact with the Performer. The birthday child is always given the choice to be the magician's assistant for some of the magic tricks.

Next, the Performer performs the second option. Let's say its games. The children can go outside (weather permitting) or in an adequate size room and the Performer presents a large colorful parachute. The children hold onto one of the parachute handles and the performer plays a few games with the kids. "Popcorn" is a favorite, where the Performer places a stuffed animal or cotton balls in the middle of the parachute. The children then flap the parachute, making the stuffed animal or cotton balls pop around like popcorn. The object of the game is to keep the animal or cotton balls on the parachute. At the conclusion of the parachute game one or two more games are played such as balloon limbo or freeze dance.

The third option is performed if the party is a non mascot character. If the party is with a mascot character, the Zazzer says good-bye to the children, changes into the character mascot costume and makes an appearance with theme music for the remainder of the performance. If the party is with a Performer in costume that can perform options (such as a Superhero, Princess, or Zazzer), then the third option is performed. The third option may be face painting or temporary tattoos. The Performer will ask each child what they would like on their cheek or hand and either use safe professional face paints or temporary tattoos of what the child chooses.

Q. Should we prepare anything for your arrival?
A. We'll need a parking space if spots are sparse. We bring lots of fun stuff and parking close helps us to get it there safe and sound. If you are having face painting, please have a small cup of water and a few napkins or paper towels available for us to use.
Q. Are your Performers experienced?
A. Yes! All of our employees have had prior experience in working with children of all ages! They must always pass background checks and even go through rigorous training sessions with both the owner and manager of the company, as well as attending required tag-a-long shows before being allowed to perform on their own.
Q. Can one Performer handle all of my guests?
A. If you are expecting less than 15 children, one performer will be just fine. You may want to consider adding time to your party or limiting the number of activities you choose if you are expecting more than 15 children to be participating. If you are expecting 25 or more children, we highly recommend requesting more than one performer and/or extending your party time. All Options may not be able to be performed depending on the number of children but we do our best to make sure that everyone is happy!
Q. Do mascot characters perform option activities?
A. No. Mascot characters have limited visibility and dexterity and are best suited for pictures and posing. Mascot characters do not speak but will give out high fives and various hand gestures as well as some light dancing. We ask that parents be responsible for their children and do not allow the kids to jump or pull on the mascot character's clothing or items.
Q. What is a Zazzer?
A. Zazzer is one of our Performers not in costume. Our Zazzers dress in colorful and comical clothing. Kids love our Zazzers as they are very approachable and interactive. A Zazzer can perform all of the Options. When chosen for an hour party, the Zazzer usually performs Options for the first half hour and then changes into the Character costume for the remaining half hour. For 90 minute parties, Zazzers perform for a full hour and then change into the Character costume for the remaining half hour.
Q. Would you travel over an hour to perform for a half hour party? A. No. Party duration must be at least equal to or greater than the time spent traveling to/from the party. Please inquire should you have any questions.
Q. What if severe weather should arise?
A. Should a dangerous weather event occur such as a blizzard or hurricane (state of emergency declared by the Governor), you may move your party to another date within one-year without penalty. You may take advantage of this rescheduling once. If you require a second date change, there will be a $50 rescheduling fee. Dangerous weather events do not include normal rain, sleet or snowstorms.

In the case of severe weather(hurricane, major snowstorm (blizzard) or a state of emergency declared by the Governor), we may request to reschedule your event to ensure the safety of our performers, who may be traveling a great distance to get to your event. You may reschedule to any date within one-year. If your party is scheduled for outdoors and it does rain, a $50 additional charge will be imposed should you decide to reschedule to another available date. Refunds are not given for rainy days. We also do not work in the rain. Please have an indoor back up location available if possible.

** Mileage rates apply for party destinations over 20 miles away. $1.00/mile will be charged for destinations that exceed 20 miles. Mileage fees are only calculated on the destination part of the trip. Any parking fees that occur are due with the remaining balance if applicable. Final payments due not paid on the due date are subject to a penalty of $10 per day until paid.
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