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Right handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left handed people do.
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  • Interactive Magic Show:
    Our Interactive Magic Show is very entertaining for children and young at heart adults! The guest of honor and friends are often chosen to come up and help with the magic, even choosing their own magic word to be used throughout the show. Be prepared for lots of laughter with this activity!

  • Balloon Twisting:
    A classic activity always popular with girls and boys of all ages. We can make all sorts of brightly colored animals; cats and dogs to bumble bees. Our big silly hats are particularly popular with fun loving grown ups! Like face painting, this is a great activity to help with the party flow. Balloons can be a lovely take-home party favor if made at the end of the festivities.

  • Pictures and Posing:
    Not really looking for activities? Get your cameras ready! Choose Pictures and Posing and have your performer pose for pictures with the guests at your party. We can even be your event greeter to welcome all your guests as they come in!

  • Parachute Game:
    We love to play a variety of interactive games suited to your children's needs and for all ages! Depending on the age range of the children, we can offer games to be done with our colorful parachute. "Popcorn" is the preferred game where a small stuffed animal is bounced in the parachute.

  • Freezedance:
    Fun dance games such as Freezedance. Listen and dance to the music! Make sure you hold your dance pose when you hear the word Freeze!

  • Face Painting:
    We can create a variety of designs perfect for both boys and girls of all ages. Examples range from pretty butterflies, flowers, tigers, superheroes...etc. Keep in mind that designs can take anywhere from 1-5 minutes per child, and is not recommended for short party times. Our designs will primarily focus on cheek art. This works well as the children have less to wash off and the line wait time is reduced! We use only the finest face paints the industry has to offer: Kryolan, Snazaroo, and Mehron. The colors are vibrant and are made from a gentle water soluble formula. Our face paints adhere to strict FDA standards of safety.

  • Safe and Fun Temporary Tattoos:
    Glitter/non glitter tattoos are one of the most popular activity Options. They work well with keeping the flow of the party moving. They bring a lot of pizzazz for a very memorable party! We have designs that are child appropriate for both boys and girls. Tattoos are handed out to each child.

  • Balloon Limbo:
    Fun and exciting game where the limbo stick is a balloon. The children invent all kinds of styles going under the limbo balloon. Everyone is a winner! We're always open to learning and improvising new games with your creative kids!

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